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Welcome to is not only an architectural guide for Nuremberg enthusiasts. However, the buildings are arranged in historical order. Therefore you can read this website also as an outline of local architectural history.

Discover Nuremberg Architecture!

Architecture in Nuremberg has been becoming popular within the past years. The city and its points of interest can be described with good reason as fascinating. Have you been despairingly searching the internet for information about buildings of Nuremberg beyond castle and Christkindlesmarkt? Then you are at the right place now. Experience the fascination of Nuremberg's architectural face!

Do you travel far to learn about history of architecture, knowing that one cannot see everything? Local architectural history can teach more than expected! Regard the time periods, in which the buildings are summarized. Almost any object is represented with pictures. If you want to know more, a bibliography and www references are available.

Nürnberg: Historische Bauten und Gegenwartsarchitektur


Unschlittplatz 8-12

Until 1945, Nuremberg was the best preserved medieval city of Germany - a living museum. As result of the Second World War this privilege was destroyed. The bomb raids left only traces of the former splendour. The most original buildings were lost - however, Nuremberg is still so rich at architectural monuments that one can know hardly all. An important issue of today is how to build in this setting.

Nuremberg is even at architecture primarily connected with Albrecht Dürer's era and the Nazi epoch. They can be considered as extreme examples of an outstanding cultural epoch and the deepest decay of a society. Despite their unquestioned importance, a limitation to this periods would lead to an incomplete image of local architecture's history. Therefore this website provides a broad cross section of Nuremberg's buildings, in order to show what the houses can tell about their inhabitants, about the thoughts of their builders and about the city's history.

Broaden your horizons

If you wonder why the neighbouring cities Fürth and Erlangen are introduced here with exemplary buildings (see: excursions), then don't mistake this as an indication of the lack of suitable Nuremberg's buildings. Each of these places offers its own, particular architecture, which would have earned its own representation. However, due to the local proximity it is suggested to overcome the legendary boundary between Nuremberg and Fürth and to cross-border look at architecture in the new "Metropolregion".

And now nothing else remains saying more to me than much pleasure exploring Nuremberg's buildings! And don't forget to give me your feed back!

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Michael Metzner